What is the best option for patients of advanced maternal age? Vitrified eggs or embryos?

  • 21-05-2014
The multifactorial study was presented in a communication to the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society) conference to be held in Barcelona next week.
In recent years, an increasing number of patients with advanced ages are seeking assisted reproductive treatment to achieve pregnancy. For this patient group, has been designed specific stimulation protocols in which is necessary to delay the transfer to a subsequent cycle, thus freezing eggs or embryos is necessary.
Eggs freezing (vitrification) in a highly selected group of patients has been successful. At Instituto Bernabeu in order to individualize each case, we have studied eggs and embryo survival by age group, in each case trying to offer the best options to achieve the objective of having “a child at home”.
After evaluating the results, we found that embryo survival is not influenced by maternal age; however, we found a decreased survival rate of older eggs.

Instituto Bernabeu