• 13-05-2013

In March 2013 issue of the international magazine Pharmacogenetics and Genomics has been published the latest research work of Instituto Bernabeu. Effect of follicle-stimulating hormone receptor N680S polymorphism in the efficacy of follicle stimulating hormone stimulation on donor ovarian response.Lledó B, Guerrero J, Turienzo A, Ortíz JA, Morales R, Ten J, Llácer J, Bernabeu R.

On this prestigious international magazine are published the latest advances in the field of pharmacogeneticswhich aim to determine the genetic bases of the different response of each person to the same pharmacological treatment.

In the assisted reproduction treatments, one of the principle variables that affect the success of a cycle is the ovarian stimulation, as having the appropriate number of eggs is essential to be able to select the best embryo that will lead to a healthy child at home.

The ovarian response is influenced by different factors: age, ovarian reserve, hormonal status and consumption of tobacco. But despite these factors, the genetic constitution seems to be a key factor. The pharmacogenetic application to the ovarian response, and the identification of associated genetic factors with a different response to the medication use for the ovarian stimulation could predict each woman response in the assisted reproduction treatments, and so adjust the dosage before starting the cycle or even design new medicines.

In this sense, at Instituto Bernabeu we have demonstrated that different variables in the receptor's gene of the follicle stimulated hormone (rFSH) affect ovarian response. So that these variants result in hormonal receptors more resilient to the hormone and therefore a higher dosage of the medicine is needed during the treatment to achieve the same ovarian response. This new discovery will allow, along with other factors, to adjust the most adequate dosage for each patient as well as identify low ovarian response patients before starting the treatment.

Once more, with this research, we show the main objective of Instituto Bernabeu, consisting in giving customized solutions to the different assisted reproduction treatments, especially in low ovarian response cases. 

Instituto Bernabeu has a multidisciplinary group of physicians for treating these patients in the Low Response Unit.