Early detection of foetal sex in the first weeks of pregnancy


Instituto Bernabeu is the first centre in the Comunidad Valenciana that detects foetal sex through the mother’s blood.

The foetus DNA analysis in the mother´s blood it has allowed us to carry out this test in the 8th week of pregnancy.

Instituto Bernabeu, through its genetic Company, IB BIOTECH, is the first centre in the Comunidad Valenciana that from the beginning of the year carry out the test that allow us to detect the foetal sex through the mother’s blood. The foetal DNA fragment analysis present in the mother’s plasma allow us to determine at a very early stage, from the 8th week of pregnancy, the baby’s sex without the need of invasive techniques.

The baby’s DNA can be found in the mother’s blood in a percentage between the 3% and 5% and can be purified and amplified to detect specific regions of the sexual chromosomes. After obtaining a sample of the mother’s blood, we extract the foetus DNA and we analyze it to detect the specific markers for the Y chromosome.

Until now, we could know the foetus sex from the 15th week of the pregnancy through an ultrasound scan and it couldn’t be determine always. The discovery of the foetus DNA fragments in the mother’s blood has allowed us, with a small sample of the mother’s blood, to an early detection. We are even experiencing an increase in the number of patients that come to our clinic requesting this test, after having done some ultrasound scan where the baby is not in the right position to be able to see the sex.

This technique it is also been developed for the early non invasive antenatal diagnosis of illnesses linked to the X chromosome or genetic illnesses inherited through the father.

Test has reliability close to 100%.

People that would like to know early their baby’s sex, could come to any of our 4 branches that Instituto Bernabeu has in Alicante and Murcia, or it can also be done through a doctor or laboratory, they can send us the refrigerated blood samples from anywhere in Spain, being a regular and secure procedure.

For being a non invasive method, it has no risk for the future mother or baby.

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