“The auto-immune factor in low response patients”: La Paz Hospital Conference

  • 18-02-2013

Dr.JoaquínLlácer, responsible for the IB Unit for low ovarian response treatment, have been invited within the reproductive medicine updating conference organize by Human Reproductive Service of La Paz Hospital in Madrid.

In the conference, experts in each and every one of the subjects related to infertility treatments will contribute with the latest improvements in the most controversial subjects of the speciality.

Dr.Llácer talk, will be about the autoimmune processes influence in the ovarian reserve and therefore in the prognosis and treatment of low response patients.

The patients diagnose as "low response" are one of the most important challenges of the reproductive medicine nowadays. In the last few years great changes have been taken place in the improvement of this kind of patients prognosis, with new protocols and above all with the introduction of adjuvant therapies. However, it is necessary to continue innovating and investigating in this field to satisfy those patients that for social reasons are becoming more numerous in the assisted reproduction clinics.

The delay in the age at which women decide to have children nowadays, make that search happen, in most cases, when the ovary has a very limited response capacity. In the last year, approximately 35% of in vitro fertilization treatmentscarried out in the IB have been done on "low response" criteria women.

The Instituto Bernabeu "low response" unit is conducting a few research lines in the fields of genetics and immunology that will allow us in the near future to be more effective in the prevention and treatment of low response patients.