Instituto Bernabeu travels to Portugal to address cases of poor responders and strategies for improving patients’ prognoses


Instituto Bernabeu’s participation in events held in Portugal on 4th and 5th December focused on poor responders and new strategies to help women achieve a pregnancy.

Instituto Bernabeu gave two conferences within the framework of the Portugal Lecture Tour programme organised by MSD laboratories. The programme was called ‘Omptimizing clinical outcomes in Controlled Ovarian Stimulation’ and the events were held in Oporto and Lisbon. A large number of Portuguese assisted reproduction specialists, gynaecologists and embryologists attended the events.

The presentations addressed progress in the field over the last few years and, above all, current strategies for handling cases of poor ovarian response.

Instituto Bernabeu is a pioneering entity in research and handling patients who suffer from poor ovarian response. The issue is nothing less than a challenge in the field of reproductive medicine. The clinic has a specialist unit for treating patients who are poor responders to ovarian stimulation. In other words, patients from whom very few oocytes are retrieved.

Instituto Bernabeu provides each patient with personalised strategies and it is the leading worldwide clinic in use of pharmacogenetics for ovarian stimulation based on the female patient’s genetics.

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