Dr Matteo Buccheri speaks at the Gruppo Triveneto congress on fertility preservation in men and women


Dr Matteo Buccheri speaks at the Gruppo Triveneto congress on fertility preservation in men and women

Dr Matteo Buccheri, a specialist in reproductive medicine at Instituto Bernabeu Venice, took part in the Gruppo Triveneto di Medicina della Riproduzione Congress, organised by the Università Polo Zanotto in Verona. The congress, entitled ‘Fertility and sexuality: history of a medicine that differentiates the two sexes. The weaker sex», brought together different experts in the field of assisted reproduction to analyse the latest advances in the field and discuss the challenges faced by couples with fertility problems.

Dr Buccheri moderated a session dedicated to the preservation of fertility, both female and male. He discussed the different techniques available to preserve fertility, as well as the biological characteristics of spermatozoa and embryos.

‘Fertility preservation is an increasingly important issue in our society, as today’s lifestyles and the increasing age at which women decide to have children can negatively affect fertility,’ said Dr Buccheri. ‘In this regard, it is essential that couples are aware of the different options available to preserve their fertility and can make informed decisions about their reproductive future’.

Dr Buccheri also stressed the importance of differentiating between male and female reproductive medicine. ‘Men and women have different biological characteristics that must be taken into account when dealing with fertility problems,’ he explained. ‘That is why it is essential that reproductive medicine professionals are prepared and able to offer the most effective treatments in each case’.

The Gruppo Tiriveneto di Medicina della Riproduzione congress, attended by more than 200 people, served to highlight the importance of research and innovation in the field of assisted reproduction, as well as to improve the training of professionals in the sector.

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