Analysis of ovarian reserve, AMH (AMH)


Analysis of ovarian reserve, AMH (AMH)

Recently a new technique has been developed to measure Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH).

This hormone allows us to find out with great certainty the ovarian reserve, i.e. the exact period a woman is at her most fertile. It can be determined from a blood sample and can be done at any time of the cycle. Its value is not affected by contraceptives, pregnancy, etc.

It can be used to predict response to in vitro fertilization treatments, artificial insemination and other assisted reproduction techniques, as well as to help in the decision to move to egg donation.

It also helps in the decision to cryopreserve ones own eggs before they run out, preserving fertility.

The result is available in two to three days and if you would like more information to carry out the analysis, please see section IB BIOTECH: Anti-Mullerian Hormone AMH

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