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After how many unsuccessful treatments are recurrent implantation failures regarded as such?

The current definition of “recurrent implantation failure” is the absence of implantation after two consecutive cycles of IVF, ICSI or frozen embryo replacement cycles where the cumulative number of transferred embryos was no less than four for cleavage-stage embryos and no less than two for blastocysts, with all embryos being of good quality and of appropriate developmental stage (according to Polanski et al. 2014*) *Polanski LT, Baumgarten MN, Quenby S, Brosens J, Campbell BK, Raine-Fenning NJ. What exactly do we mean by ‘recurrent implantation failure’? A systematic review and opinion. Reprod Biomed Online. 2014 Apr;28(4):409-23.


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