Rafael Bernabeu foundation,

Instituto Bernabeu Charitable Foundation


The Charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu is a social, educational, cultural and scientific-orientated institution promoting research. Its main objective is to support those who encounter difficulties affording a treatment of reproductive medicine and to facilitate access to grants and to organise training courses. A further goal is the establishment of collaboration agreements with academic and medical institutions to promote biomedical research.


Rafael Bernabeu foundation

The Charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu is a social, educational, cultural and scientific


The raison d’être of Instituto Bernabeu, is and has always been medical care.Aware that economic constraints should not represent a barrier to access to medical care, the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation was born to offer support and help to those suffering financial difficulties.

Since the first couple who came to us in 2000 requesting help with their hereditary illness and as society offered them no solutions, we decided to design a Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) programme. This programme is run to detect genetic alterations responsible for those hereditary illnesses.

Instituto Bernabeu & Rafael Bernabeu foundation

scholarships and courses


In the month of March each year, the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation organises a lyrical recital of works with a link to women and maternity in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The starring role at this cultural event is taken by a leading soprano accompanied by piano. The concert is held in the ADDA symphonic hall and brings together over two thousand attendees.


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