Adolescence and the fertile phase

Adolescence and the fertile phase
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Women’s fertile phase, which runs until menopause, begins after menarchy (the first menstrual cycle). At this moment, it is desirable to schedule a first gynaecological visit to perform what will be the teenager’s first gynaecological examination, and explain her the normal changes that will occur from that moment on.

If menstrual cycles do not become regular a year after the first menstrual cycle, or if irregular cycles start to occur after a period of regular ones, it is advisable to check with a gynaecologist, just in case there is a problem related to the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or to any important disorder associated with body weight.

It is also common for iron-deficiency anemia to occur. This type of anemia is associated with loss of iron caused by menstruation and should be prevented throughout the whole fertile phase.

If any of these disorders is found, it may be advisable to check with the gynaecological endocrinologist at Instituto Bernabeu.

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