Instituto Bernabeu to gather worldwide reproductive medicine experts at the III International Meeting the Experts conference to be held in September

  • 02-07-2019

Next September 2019 will see a number of renowned, worldwide experts in the different reproductive medicine areas meet at Instituto Bernabeu's III International Meeting the Experts conference. This triennial event is aimed at sharing new fertility related developments and knowledge with the purpose of attaining a renewed approach concerning the most important challenges facing reproductive medicine.

As the medical director of Instituto Bernabeu, Dr. Rafael Bernabeu highlighted the limited number of attendees and the high quality speakers, in addition to the careful selection of issues to deal with and debate, representing an extraordinary opportunity to allow their audience to improve their medical expertise.

The conference shall be held on the 27th and 28th of September 2019. On its first session, led by deputy medical director Joaquin Llacer who is also one of the most experienced worldwide experts on the matter, will be devoted to the new ovarian response markers, a discipline pioneered by Instituto Bernabeu. A further session will focus on explaining the most ideal ovarian stimulation method. Treatment customisation, one of Instituto Bernabeu Group's main pillars, is also the subject of one of the work sessions: “Individualization. Is it worth it?” A fourth session in the conference will discuss cryopreservation. World class experts shall gather to debate endometrial receptivity, with one of the presentations given by Dr. Andrea Bernabeu focusing on the role of microbiomes in infertility. In addition to the above, our medical director Dr. Rafael Bernabeu will also speak about the strategies to achieve pregnancy from a gynaecology practitioner's point of view, as well as referring to those leading to successful births from the point of view of an embryologist.

Genetics, another of Instituto Bernabeu's cornerstone specialisms, will also be dealt with by the III International Congress Meeting the Experts, with a further session focusing on the embryo.

Held on every three years, these conferences are organised by Instituto Bernabeu and endorsed by the Spanish Fertility Association (SEF as per its Spanish Acronym), the Reproduction Biology Research Association (Asebir as per its Spanish Acronym), Miguel Hernandez University and the Spanish Gynaecology and Obstetrics Association (SEGO as per its Spanish Acronym).

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