Edition IV of the University of Alicante-Instituto Bernabeu postgraduate Master’s course in Reproductive Medicine. Registration period now open

  • 01-07-2015
Since 12th June and up until 30th September, specialists wishing to gain additional training in the field of Reproductive Medicine may complete the registration process for the 4th edition of the Master's degree (non-official) co-organised by the University of Alicante's Department of Biotechnology and Instituto Bernabeu. The course will run during the 2015/2016 academic year.

In this year's edition, theory modules will be taught online between October 2015 and April 2016. An additional 8 intensive classroom-based classes or training sessions on subjects of particular current interest will also be given by leading teaching and investigation staff.

Practical training will be key and will account for around 75% of total credits. Most practical sessions will be carried out in the Instituto Bernabeu facilities in Alicante and will cover Embryology, Andrology, Molecular Biology, Genetics and Reproductive and Obstetric Medicine.

This Master's course is aimed at candidates who have completed higher education and who, based on academic background (Biotechnology, Medicine, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Pharmacy, etc.), profession or lines of investigation, wish to gain specialised training in methods and techniques in the field of Human Reproductive Biology and Medicine.

Additional information available at: masterib@institutobernabeu.com and /es/cursos/ver/iv-master-en-medicina-reproductiva-universidad-de-alicante-instituto-bernabeu/


Abierto el plazo de matrícula para el IV Máster en Medicina Reproductiva Universidad de Alicante- Instituto Bernabeu. Instituto Bernabeu