Conference: Quality in Assisted Reproduction

  • 27-05-2015

At the third annual "Mediterranean Forum" of Reproductive Medicine professionals held in Jávea on the 29th and 30th of May, our Patient Care and Quality Service Director, Elena García Llopis, will give a conference focused on the importance of quality in assisted reproduction patient care.

For IB, quality means to be guided by a set of established procedures that validate our work, for this to become more efficient and productive, and at the same time, providing us with professional, social and personal well-being.

To this end, our quality policy, understood as the framework within which we work, gives us the necessary tools to collect, measure and analyze any deviation from the rules or guidelines set to offer patients our very best.

Excellence is challenging the status quo and making change happen by taking advantage of the learning process to create innovation and improvement opportunities.

We have to continuously learn from both the activities and the results. Having an open mind to accept and use the knowledge others give us (learn), being able to create and develop (innovate) and knowing how to take advantage of the ways to improve that all this gives us.

Being guided towards results is key when assessing and measuring the effectiveness of a Health Management System.

Ponencia: Calidad en Reproducción Asistida. Instituto Bernabeu