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Dr. Luis Prieto

Dr. Luis Prieto

Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Madrid, Faculty of Medicine, including final degree examination, 1986.

Specialist in urology (Spanish national examination, ‘MIR’) further to Chair and Urology Service training at San Carlos University Hospital in Madrid. Urology PhD from Complutense University of Madrid. Specialist doctor at the Department of Urology in Madrid obtained through the Spanish official national examination selection process, 1994.

Scientific Director of the journal Urodinámica Aplicada; member of the editorial team for national journals Actas Urológicas Españolas and Archivos Españoles de Urología and international journals such as Urología Internationalis; and scientific publication award-winner.

Member of a number of scientific societies. Previously, National Coordinator for the Female Functional Urology and Urodynamics Group and the Spanish Urology Association. Member of the permanent governing board of the Spanish Urology Association.

Lead researcher on a number of national and international clinical trials and developer of numerous invention patents. 120 published articles and 110 scientific presentations in congresses.

In the field of education and research, tutor for Spanish national medical examination (‘MIR’) resident specialists in urology, associate professor at Miguel Hernández University (affiliated with the University General Hospital of Alicante) and lecturer on the Master’s Degree in Reproductive Medicine at the University of Alicante.

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