Instituto Bernabeu presents eleven items of scientific research at the ESHRE European human reproduction congress.

  • 03-07-2017

The Instituto Bernabeu Group will travel to Switzerland where the reproductive medicine clinic will present eleven pieces of research work carried out by experts at the reproductive medicine clinic. The international scientific committee at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology has selected the research that will be made public during the 33rd edition of the annual congress to be held between 2nd and 5th July in Geneva. Fertility and embryology experts gather at the event where the latest progress and techniques are made public. Instituto Bernabeu attends annually, taking along its latest scientific research.

  1. Subcutaneous progesterone for endometrial preparation in substituted cycles for oocyte donation recipients: a randomized controlled trial. J. Llácer, E.M. Garcia-Hernandez, B. Moliner, L. Luque, J. Ten, R. Bernabeu. Oral presentation.
  2. Introduction of a novel device for drug administration for ovarian stimulationJ. Guerrero, J. Ten, A. Rodríguez, J. Llácer, J. Giménez, P. Baviera, R. Bernabeu.
  3. Embryo asymmetry on day 2 is associated with blastocyst mosaicism after trophectoderm biopsy. A. Rodríguez-Arnedo, J. Ten, M. Díaz, L. Martí, I. Ochando, J.A. Ortiz, J. Guerrero, L. Cascales, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu.
  4. The quality of the inner cell mass and trophectoderm is correlated with mosaicism. L. Martí, J. Ten, A. Rodríguez-Arnedo, M. Díaz, J. Guerrero, L. Cascales, B. Lledó, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu.
  5. Impact of airplane travel after an embryo transfer procedure in the reproductive outcome of oocyte donation cycles. JC. Castillo, J. Ortiz, L. Martí, R. Nataloni, B. Moliner, A. Bernabeu, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu.
  6. The cytokines analysis suggest the immune system activity in endometriosis. A. Turienzo, A. Fabregat, B. Moliner, B. Lledó, JA.  Ortiz, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu.
  7. A new approach to detected copy number variation in Y-chromosome that affects the spermatogenesis. E.García-Hernández, B. Lledó, J.A. Ortiz, R. Morales, A. Fabregat, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu.
  8. The natural antioxidant Cinnamtannin B-1 could be benefit to prevent DNA sperm fragmentationA. Fabregat, MDR. Fernández, E. García Hernández, JJ. Garde, B. Lledó, A. Turienzo , A.J. Soler, JA. Ortiz, R. Bernabeu.
  9. A pharmacogenetic approach to improve low ovarian response by androgens pre-treatment. B. Lledó , JA. Ortiz, R. Morales, B. Martínez, A. Turienzo , J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu.
  10. Factors associated with chromosomal mosaicism in trophoectoderm cells. J.A. Ortiz, B. Lledo, R. Morales, E. García-Hernández, J. Ten, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu.
  11. Does the low-grade mosaicism detected by next-generation sequencing affect the live birth rate?.  R. Morales, B. Lledó, JA. Ortiz, J. Ten, J. Llácer, R. Bernabeu.

ESHRE 2017