IB research work: correct oocyte final maturation


IB research work: correct oocyte final maturation

A retrospective analysis of dual trigger maturation (hCG + agonist GnRH) in IVF/ICSI cycles in normal responder patients.

Assisted reproduction treatment generally involves administration of multiple drugs (most of which are injectable) in order to achieve adequate oocyte production. Once follicles are of the correct size, the last injectable drug is administered and this completes the maturity cycle required in order to obtain oocytes which are suitable for retrieval. Recent information indicated that an additional drug (also of injectable nature) for final maturation could potentially improve retrieval results in terms of number and maturity of oocytes and even result in improved pregnancy rates.

Following a year of putting such a protocol into practice in Instituto Bernabeu, analysis of results led to the conclusion that, when patients respond adequately to stimulation, an additional second drug (GnRH agonist) for final oocyte maturation was not advantageous when compared with results obtained using a single standard drug (hCG, Ovitrelle®). It is of utmost importance to ensure that adequate measures are taken to confirm such strategies by means of suitable studies before practices are put into clinical use so that patients of this type are not prescribed unnecessary additional medication.

This research work is one of 10 studies carried out by the Instituto Bernabeu group and which were accepted by the ESHRE Committee (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) for the 31st edition of the Society’s international Annual Meeting held in Lisbon between 14th and 17th June.

Dual trigger of oocyte maturation with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRHa) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in normal responder patients undergoing IVF/ICSI cycles: a retrospective analysis“. L. Luque, JC. Castillo, J. Guerrero, JM Gomez-Santana, J. Ll. Aparicio, R. Bernabeu. Poster.

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