Next 5th of November, Dr Llacer will participate in a digital expert meeting to address the low ovarian reserve

  • 05-11-2020

Instituto Bernabeu’s medical codirector, doctor Joaquin Llacer, low ovarian reserve expert, will participate on November the 5th in the digital experts meeting focused on “Patients with delicate reserve and inadequate response”. This digital meeting is organised by Gedeos Richter and gathers all experts with low ovarian reserve and suboptimal response.  

The Low Ovarian Response Unit director at Instituto Bernabeu will discuss the different strategies for a young woman with low response with a group of gynaecologists in a discussion table. This webinar will also discuss the bag data and the treatment’s personalisation in assisted reproduction; or older patients’ strategies and low response, among others.

Instituto Bernabeu is an example in the low ovarian reserve patients managements to offer personalised strategies to each patient.

Doctor Llacer line of investigation focuses in the ovarian estimulation in women with low response, genetics variations in low response patients and the gen polymorphism and ovarian response.

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