IB Training: New assisted reproduction techniques for nursing assistants.

  • 09-05-2011
On 10 May, we organised another one of our training programmes aimed at paramedical personnel. The new Assisted Reproduction techniques training course for nursing assistants aims to transmit the most important aspects of the new techniques, advances and patient care in order to find the best solutions in Reproductive Medicine. The training courses are subsidised by our Rafael Bernabeu Foundation in order to provide professionals with access to the latest assisted reproduction techniques.

The evaluation of the training given to students in previous years allowed us to adjust the content to the most frequently asked questions of assisted reproduction professionals and the problems that raise the most concern among the current female population.

For yet another year, our goal is to offer professional training in Reproductive Medicine in order to develop the necessary techniques and therefore achieve the best research results and pregnancy rates that distinguish us in the scientific field.


Instituto Bernabeu