IB Research: “Outcome of oocyte vitrification using open vs. closed devices”

  • 29-12-2015

Vitrification virtually eliminates the major problem associated with cryopreservation, which is the formation of ice crystals. Recent papers have shown that warming is more important than cooling rates. Survival rates of vitrified oocytes and embryos using moderate cooling temperatures were optimal when the warming rate was high enough. Taking into account this principle recently new closed devices have been designed to avoid the safety concerns associated with open systems.

We compare the efficacy of oocyte vitrification in terms of survival and clinical outcome using an open system (Cryotop™) and a closed system (Safespeed™). According to our data, the use of this closed system does not compromise the oocyte survival and offers comparable results obtained with open systems while eliminating the potential risk of contamination.

This is one of the pieces of research work carried out by Instituto Bernabeu which was accepted by the Scientific Committee at the British Fertility Society (BFS) for its Annual Meeting which will take place in Newcastle (UK) on 7th and 8th January, 2016.

OUTCOME OF OOCYTE VITRIFICATION USING OPEN VS. CLOSED DEVICES.  Poster. J. Guerrero, J., Ten, A. Rodriguez-Arnedo,   J. Llacer, R. Bernabeu 

Oocyte vitrification