Dr Llácer gives a conference on personalising treatment for patients with poor ovarian response

  • 19-04-2018

Dr Joaquín Llácer, Medical Co-Director of Instituto Bernabeu, gave a speech at a conference held in Poland on treating patients with poor ovarian response and personalising courses of treatment.

The expert in ovarian response participated in a gathering organised by MSD pharmaceutical laboratories in Warsaw and attended by experts from the field of gynaecology and assisted reproduction.

By personalising treatment when practising in the field, Dr Llácer develops numerous strategies with which to improve ovarian response amongst his patients. He delivered a speech about this practice to his colleagues.

By identifying the genes that play a role in poor ovarian response, Instituto Bernabeu became a pioneer in the use of pharmacogenetics in patients with this condition and also in using specific drugs for each case. Doing so optimises ova recovery. This is one of the clinic’s lines of research work. It also investigates genetic factors that have an impact on ovarian ageing and researches new means of stimulation.

Dr Joaquín Llácer