• 25-06-2013

Last Saturday 8th of June, Instituto Bernabeu Biotech presented in the European Congress of the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) their latest research works in the fields of genetics and fertility. The communications presented were:

(1)  Chromosome polymorphic variants in infertility and their effect on ongoing pregnancy rates. Morales, R.; Lledó, B.; Ortiz, JA.; Ten, J.; Llácer, J.; Bernabeu, R.

(2)  R72P p53 single nucleotide polumorphism in patients with repeated implantation failure and pregnancy rates loss: influence in the outcome of IVF cycle. Lledó, B.; Turienzo, A.; Ortiz, JA.; Morales, R.; Llácer, J.; Bernabeu, R.

(3)  N680S polymorphism on the FSHR gene and its effect on ovarian donor follicle stimulating hormone stimulation. Ortiz, JA.; Turienzo, A.; Lledó, B.; Guerrero, J.; Morales, R.; Ten, J.; Llácer, J.; Bernabeu, R.

The main conclusions obtained of the works, which presented on this international congress, have demonstrated that some genetics variants, both those that affect the chromosomes (1) as to some genes such as p53 (2) and rFSH (follicle stimulating hormone receptor, 3) help diagnose fertility problems as well as influence in the success rates of the assisted reproduction treatments and the ovarian stimulation.

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