Early embryonic symmetry or asymmetry as an indicator of the subsequent blastocyst quality. Research presented at the ASEBIR conference

  • 21-11-2013
In this prospective study that we are currently presenting at the seventh edition of ASEBIR in Seville, we evaluate whether embryonic symmetry in early stages of development could influence the embryo quality in later stages (blastocyst). For this purpose we use specific software to take images and measurements of embryonic cells on the second day of development. The asymmetric embryos tend to form low quality blastocysts on day 5 of embryo development regardless of whether the asymmetry was in even or odd numbers. However, the pregnancy rate did not differ based on the embryonic symmetry. This study helps us to predict the embryo quality in later stages and therefore to plan the best day to carry out the embryo transfer or cryopreservation. 
INFLUENCE OF EMBRYONIC ASYMMETRY ON DAY 2 OF DEVELOPMENT ON EMBRYO QUALITY IN BLASTOCYST STAGE. J. Ten, H. Blanca, B. Moliner, J. Guerrero, M. Pérez, A. Rodríguez-Arnedo, J. de Juan, R. Bernabeu 
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Instituto Bernabeu

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