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Desirée Sancha

Desirée Sancha

Desirée Sancha Címbora graduated in 2014 in Biochemistry at the University of Granada. Then, in 2015, she completed the Official Master’s Degree in Biology and Technology of Reproduction in Mammals at the University of Murcia, being awarded a scholarship by the University of Okayama (Japan) to focus her research on in vitro oocyte maturation. In 2016 she began her professional career as an embryologist in different assisted reproduction units.

In 2018 she obtained the title of expert in medical genetics from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid).

During her career she has participated in several communications to congresses, as well as in multiple specialisation courses and training practices. She is a member of the Official College of Biologists of the Region of Murcia (COBRM).

In 2021 he joined the Instituto Bernabeu Cartagena team in the Embryology laboratory.


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