Instituto Bernabeu in Albacete covers breast cancer during its participation in the 22st edition of the Primary Healthcare Seminar in Cuenca

  • 24-11-2017

On Friday 24th November, Dr María Antonio López Rubio, a gynaecologist at Instituto Bernabeu in Albacete, will participate in the 22st edition of the event organised by the Spanish Society of General Practitioners of Castilla La Mancha that is due to be held in Cuenca between 23rd and 25th November. The slogan for the event is 'Global patient care: defining the future' and it will include workshops and presentations covering patient primary healthcare from an interdisciplinary point of view.

The expert from Instituto Bernabeu will participate in the round table event covering breast cancer diagnosis. The clinic is particularly sensitive to gynaecological cancer and recently held an event dealing with real-life cases under the umbrella of breast cancer awareness month. It also provides an all-year-round free oocyte freezing service for women who are victims of cancer and whose future fertility will be jeopardised as a result of having to undergo radiotherapy.

The 21st edition of the Primary Healthcare Seminar in Cuenca