“Cross-border Healthcare” debate at the Preliminary Conference of the 19th National Hospital Congress

  • 10-03-2015
The debate over "Cross-border Healthcare" took place this morning at the Elche Congress Centre and was chaired by Dr. Bernabeu, the Instituto Bernabeu Medical Director. The debate is part of the preliminary acts that Instituto Bernabeu has organized for the 19th National Hospital Congress.

At this debate, the doctor was accompanied by Carlos Castillo, the City of Alicante Deputy Mayor and Councilor of Development and Employment, who has raised the "Strategic plan for Alicante as a medical destination"; and Ignacio Amirola, Aquami CEO, whose intervention has helped to understand the "guidelines for the internationalization of healthcare companies".

In the second part, Vicente Lluch, Estragency CEO, participated in the discussion explaining the role of "Marketing for healthcare company internationalization". José Mancebo Aracil, Costa Blanca Tourism General Director, shared the idea of "Public institutions facing the challenge of healthcare company globalization".

Mesa Debate “Sanidad Transfronteriza” en las Jornadas Pre-congreso del XIX Congreso Nacional de Hospitales.Instituto Bernabeu