Genetic Study: diffuse gastric cancer

Estudio gentico: cncer gstrico difuso

Gastric cancer is the second cause of cancer death in the world. Approximately 3% are hereditary. The probability of its contraction is based on the medical history of the family and its confirmation requires a diffuse gastric cancer genetic study. In 40% of families it is possible to identify the gene CDH1 caderina- E mutation that allows the distinguishing of the carriers from the ones free of the mutation.

Situations where a genetic study is advised:

  • Two or more documented cases of gastric cancer in first or second grade family members with at least one of them being diagnosed before the age of 50.
  • If you require a genetic study of a specific illness do not hesitate to contact us.Three or more cases regardless of age.

If you require a genetic study of a specific illness do not hesitate to contact us.

For a specific assessment of your illness you can request an appointment or, if you can not come to our clinic, you can request an on-line medical appointment or do test in the comfort of your home: Please request a personalize kit for the test.

The test

The test to determine if a person is affected by an illness can be done, preferable, through a blood test, and you can also request a kit to take the samples at home, in this case you will need to take a sample through an oral smear test.

The procedure is very simple. In the kit you will receive, you will find a sterilised cotton swab, with which you will need to rub the inside part of your mouth. Please handle the samples with care. Do not touch the cotton-wool tips with your fingers. Once you have taken the sample and packed them away appropriately, as shown in the instructions, send it back to us together with the appropriate filled-in forms you also received with the kit.

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