Midwifery in the 21st century: new options


Midwifery in the 21st century: new options

Conference aimed at midwives and nurses

The conference will take place on Thursday April 28 at 6pm and will include the participation of various professionals who will provide applied professional experience from their own experience in their respective maternity wards. The conference will be followed by a panel discussion with the participation of all attendees.

This session is part of the continuing education calendar organised by the Instituto Bernabeu and subsidised by the Charitable Organisation, Rafael Bernabeu.

There is limited capacity and we require pre-registration.


Presentation by Dr Francis Sellers.
Director of the Department of Obstetrics, Instituto Bernabeu

18:00 Dr Ana Palacios
Gynaecologist, Department of Obstetrics at Instituto Bernabeu
Official SEGO protocol regarding assisting normal childbirth

18:25 Ms Sole Carreguí
Delivery Room Supervisor, La Plana Hospital in Villareal
Organisation of a hospital performing natural birthing

18:45 Ms Bethlehem Zurutuza
Matrona, Anthropologist and Professor of Nursing at Universidad Europea de Madrid.
Natural labour & analgesia: possibilities

19:05 Ms Josefa Ines Santamaria
Matron, Alcoy Hospital
Expansion Period. Modalities

19:25 Ms. M ª Paz de Miguel
Matron, General Hospital of Alicante
Delivery and immediate postnatal checks


At the end of the conference wine will be served

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