Andrea Bernabeu: “Reproductive medicine has to respond to a changing society”.


Andrea Bernabeu: “Reproductive medicine has to respond to a changing society”.

Instituto Bernabeu’s Medical co-director, Dr Andrea Bernabeu, has participated in the open forum “Transforming Women. Challenges and achievements in the new contemporary era” organized by INFORMACIÓN on the occasion of the International Women’s
Day. This event brought together “enterprising and empowered women from all the Alicante province” and featured different working tables. In the first of these tables, Dr Bernabeu, together with Dr Lucia Rial, ophthalmologist specializing in Glaucoma at Vissum Grupo Miranza; and Magüi Brotons, director of the Ballesol Via Parque Retirement Home, analysed the health challenges facing women.

The table was moderated by Juani Hernández, a journalist specialising in health information, and served to highlight the particularities of women in the health sector, not only in terms of work but also physically. “We have come a long way, but there is still a long way to go,” began Dr Bernabeu, who pointed out that “historically, women have always been the main carers, both of our elders and our children, and this has prevented us from growing in the workplace”. In this sense, she remarked that “at Instituto Bernabeu, 80% of the management and decision-making positions are held by women. It is in our DNA to support them”.

On the other hand, Dr Andrea Bernabeu pointed out that “reproductive medicine has to respond to a changing society”. In this line, she stressed that “women now have to delay motherhood because we need to work, as well as economic and even partner stability before becoming mothers” and explained that “after the pandemic we have observed that the number of women who have decided to become single mothers and women who have cryopreserved their oocytes to become mothers later in life, has increased”. “Women are becoming empowered and we are here to help them,” she concluded.

The event brought together many other transforming women, CEOs or entrepreneurs, who shared their experiences and visions on feminism and women’s participation in the 21st century society.

The finale was provided by the Association of Businesswomen, Professionals and Executives of the province of Alicante (AEPA in Spanish) president, Marcela Fernández, as well as the Alicante composer and singer Belén Devesa, who performed some of her songs.

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