Training course for pharmaceutical auxiliary technicians specialised in assisted reproduction.

  • 25-03-2010
This new course forms part of the continual education programme subsidized by the Charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu, a part of Instituto Bernabeu.

The course starts this afternoon in the conference rooms of Instituto Bernabeu at 1600 and will be presented by experts who will update assisted reproduction techniques for pharmaceutical auxiliaries with the following programme:

16:00-16:30  Dr Bernabeu. The Role of Pharameceutical Auxiliaries in Fertility
16:30-17:00  Dr Gómez. Assisted Reproduction Techniques
17:00-17:30  Dr Ana Fabregat. Pharmacology in Assisted Reproduction
17:30 -18:15 Dr Ruth Morales. Basics of Genetics for Pharmaceutical Auxiliaries
18:45-19:15  Ms Cristina Torregrosa. Importance of Genetic Studies in Human Health

19:15 Question & Answer session

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