The Instituto Bernabeu Foundation will donate € 45,000 in scholarships for Biology, Medicine, Biotechnology and Nursing students with financial difficulties

  • 05-01-2016
Continuing the social commitment of Instituto Bernabeu, the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation awards a total of 18 scholarships for students of Medicine, Biotechnology, Biology and Nursing, each one of 2,500€; which are payable by check to the student to help pay tuition fees and school supplies, paving the way for those students who have a good performance and yet their family financial situation make it difficult to access and / or continue their studies at the University.
The scholarships are distributed in number as follows: 6 for Medicine students, 4 for Biology students, 4 for Biotechnology students and 4 for Nursing students. The requirements to access them are explained in the attached document "Requirements for Scholarship Rafael Bernabeu Foundation". 

La Fondazione dell’ Instituto Bernabeu donerá 45.000€ in borse di studio agli studenti di Biologia, Medicina, Biotecnologia ed Infermeria con difficoltá economiche

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