Six Instituto Bernabeu research papers accepted for the European Congress of Fertility (ESHRE)

  • 26-06-2014
Instituto Bernabeu presents his latest research in the six papers that the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) committee has accepted for its annual conference, to be held from 29th of June to 2nd of July in Munich. It is the largest annual gathering of experts in reproductive medicine with the assistance of the world's best centers.
The applied research that we conducted in our center, results in better outcomes for our patients, who benefit from the customization and the utmost care in the design of each treatment.
The conclusions of the work arising from the research conducted in the two specialized units at Instituto Bernabeu, focused on poor ovarian response and implantation failure, and repeated miscarriage from a multidisciplinary prism; genetic, endocrine, gynecological, embryological, pharmacological and even paramedic.
Find below the links to the research papers where you can have more information about them:

Instituto Bernabeu

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