Is donor sperm necessary when working with patients who have had a vasectomy? IB research for SEF, 2016.

  • 02-11-2016

One might think that, after having had a vasectomy, a man may then only father children using donor sperm because sperm retrieved directly from the testicles of a patient who has had a vasectomy might be associated with doubts regarding the outcome.

In research carried out by Instituto Bernabeu and accepted by the SEF scientific committee for its annual congress, a comparative study between pregnancies achieved through egg donation treatment with semen from a donor bank and patients who have had a vasectomy on whom a testicular FNAC was carried out.

The results show that there is no reason to opt for sperm banks when working with patients who have had a vasectomy. The results obtained with sperm retrieved further to testicle FNAC procedures are similar and, furthermore, mean that the future father is able to pass on his genes since his own gametes are put to use.

Having a team of urologists that are specialised in obtaining sperm directly from testicles and linking their work to leading embryologists is key to achieving a pregnancy in these patients.

Comparative study on the use of sperm bank semen versus the testicle FNAC technique in patients who have undergone a vasectomy when using donor eggs. B. Moliner, F. Sellers, J. Llácer, A. Castillo, A. Bernabeu, P. Baviera, R. Bernabeu. Poster.


Is donor sperm necessary when working with patients who have had a vasectomy?

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