Free download the Guide to ease the way to help lesbian, bisexual and transgender women become parents

  • 03-09-2020

At Instituto Bernabeu we know families have different colours. To ease the way to lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples we have created this Guide which you may download for free. With this guide we want to make parenthood easier helping you to choose the best clinic and describing the its reproduction medicine techniques to have a family. Transgender people should know hormones and surgical treatments may cause infertility or even sterility. This is why the prior gametes cryopreservation may help you plan a future pregnancy.

The guide also includes a special section to the importance of the suitable sperm donor; also the strict medical, psychological and genetic criteria applied to the donors in the selection process. This means that only the 9% of appliers become donors at Instituto Bernabeu. It also gives peace of mind to know all donors have the most comprehensive genetic compatibility analysis (GCT) done for the main recessive diseases -more than 600-2.500 recessive diseases- to safeguard the future baby health.

The guide describes the different assisted reproduction techniques couples have available: insemination with donated sperm, in vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor sperm, double donation IVF or embryo adoption. The R.O.P.A. method (partner’s eggs reception) is an exclusive technique for lesbian couples who must be legally married. One donates the eggs while the other will carry the baby, allowing to feel motherhood intensively. The guide also tells the story of Ana and Lucia, who opt for the ROPA method and they are now the proud mothers of Iker.



Guía de maternidad para mujeres lesbianas, bisexuales y transgénero

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