Dr Bernabeu lectures on innovation in private management during a seminar in the Master's course in Healthcare Management at Miguel Hernández University

  • 05-05-2017

Dr Rafael Bernabeu will participate in a seminar which is part of the Master's Course in Healthcare Management at Miguel Hernández University (Sant Joan d'Alacant campus). The lecture is entitled 'Innovation in private management. Challenges and Solutions.' Professionalising the management of healthcare administration is one of the aims of this specialist training course at Miguel Hernández University. The medical institution's two cornerstones have characterised the growth of Instituto Bernabeu: vocation and a commitment to providing patients with all-encompassing assistance whilst ensuring top-quality healthcare. This is done in such a way that each step also means progress in the field of medical science. There is a continuous desire to research and innovate in order to be able to treat every single patient.

Dr. Rafael Bernabeu

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