Students from the Miguel Hernández University Pharmacy Congress hold an embryology workshop at Instituto Bernabeu in Alicante

  • 27-10-2016

Pharmacy Faculty students are today, Thursday 27th October, participating in an embryology workshop being held at Instituto Bernabeu in Alicante as part of the XII edition of the Congress of Pharmacy Students organised by the Miguel Hernández University at its San Juan campus.

At the XII edition of the  Congress of Pharmacy Students, one of the practical sides of the workshop includes a visit to an in vitro fertilisation laboratory at the reproductive medicine clinic in Alicante, as well as a tour of the laboratories. Instituto Bernabeu has collaborated with this congress since the initiative began at the University. The congress is organised by final year Pharmacy students and students from all over Spain participate. From its very early days, Instituto Bernabeu has opened its doors so that visitors can enjoy its facilities and so that it can share the latest innovations and research being undertaken.

A picture of students at the Instituto Bernabeu facilities with Dr Ana Fabregat.