Conference: The microbiome in human reproduction. Dr Rafael Bernabeu

  • 10-06-2016

Friday 10th and Saturday 11th June, the IV Mediterranean Forum Meeting which brings together experts in reproductive medicine, has held in Javea, Spain. Dr Rafael Bernabeu, Director of the Instituto Bernabeu group, will open the event with a conference on the role of the microbiome in human reproduction.

This is a field on which our group is currently focussing its research work since the scientific community is discovering that the agents around us affect our biology and, therefore, our fertility.

Dr Bernabeu's conference will cover microbiome diagnosis methods and their repercussions on pathological processes. The conference will focus on their function throughout the reproduction process and their role in fertility. Next-generation sequencing, an area on which Instituto Bernabeu is focussing its research, facilitates the detection of bacteria in DNA, an aspect which he will also look into during the conference.

IV Mediterranean Forum Meeting