The registration period for the reproductive medicine training seminar aimed at nursing graduates is now open

  • 20-10-2016

Instituto Bernabeu and the University of Cartagena will hold a free seminar on nursing and reproductive medicine. Reproductive health issues have increased over the last few years and the role of nursing specialists is increasingly important in terms of prevention, healthcare and dealing with couples who have issues of this kind. We therefore believe that seminars of this type, which enhance knowledge of nursing and reproductive medicine, are of relevance to both those working in healthcare and to society as a whole.

The seminar will take place on 10th November in the conference hall at the Santa María El Rossell General Hospital in Cartagena and it is aimed at nursing students from the University of Murcia as well as nurses, midwives and other experts in the field.

The registration period will remain open until the 8th November. Further information on the Nursing and Reproductive Medicine Seminar.

Jornada gratuita sobre Enfermería y Medicina Reproductiva

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