Meeting the Experts: The conference at Instituto Bernabeu dedicated to implantation failure and low ovarian response has reached full capacity.

  • 21-05-2013
In this 1st Edition of "Meeting the experts" specialists encounter, we wanted to dedicate it to the latest medical advances in 2 knowledge areas causing great interest and a difficult challenge when we try to offer a distinguished and personalized treatment to our patients.

Along the first session, expected for the 31st of May, the theme will be centered on low ovarian response, and the 1st of June will be dedicated to repeated implantation failure. Creating an environment not only scientific but also proximate and of dialogue, to discuss this two themes of great clinical interest and difficult therapeutic management.

You can extend all information relating this conference in our web site: presentation, registration, scientific programme, presentation video, etc. Access

We sincerely would like to thank the professors and doctors, recognized specialists in both subjects, their journey form the USA and different European countries, accepting our invitation as speakers. The contribution of their knowledge will mean a top-level conference in Reproductive Medicine.

You can still follow and participate in this event at #MeetingTheExperts

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