Instituto Bernabeu presents its strategy for patients with poor ovarian response at an assisted reproduction event

  • 10-03-2017

The gathering of national experts is to be held at the Royal Academy of Medicine in Madrid on 9th and 10th March.

At the symposium, Instituto Bernabeu will present the new strategies it is developing in order to treat patients with poor ovarian response. The event, entitled Current Issues in Assisted Reproduction, is organised by the University of Alcalá, the Autonomous University of Madrid and Ginefiv.

The symposium brings together leading national experts in assisted reproduction and will be held at the Royal Academy of Medicine in Madrid, in the very heart of the city, on 9th and 10th March. The Medical Co-Director of Instituto Bernabeu and Director of the Poor Ovarian Response Unit, Dr Joaquín Llácer, will attend and give a presentation entitled Ovarian Stimulation in Women with Poor Ovarian Response. As a result of the unit's specialisation in an issue which is increasingly common, it currently treats patients from all over Spain and from abroad. "We decide upon strategies in order to ensure that our chances as are high as possible and that our patients are given the most appropriate information in order to reach a decision on trying to have children using their own eggs", explains Dr Joaquín Llácer.

The Current Issues in Assisted Reproduction event aims to analyse innovations in infertility diagnosis, progress in treatment and new IVF laboratory techniques, amongst other topics. It also covers the legal and social aspects of matters such as surrogacy, the ROPA method and fertility preservation.



Current Issues in Assisted Reproduction

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