The Instituto Bernabeu takes part in the Master’s on Community Pharmacy Direction and Management organised by the UMH

  • 23-10-2017

The Instituto Bernabeu is helping out once again this year in the University Master’s on Community Pharmacy Direction and Management & Optimization of Pharmaceutical Care organised by the Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH). Doctor Andrea Bernabeu has taken part in this fourth edition that deals with aspects related to pregnancy and maternal-child health with theoretical and practical classes. In addition to the classrooms this year, there is a new showroom laboratory that has been fitted out like a real pharmacy so that the students can get some hands-on experience. The personal assistant of the Instituto Bernabeu, Tamara Ruiz, has also taken part along with Doctor Bernabeu showing students of the Master’s the practical side of supplying the medication in assisted reproduction treatment. This is aimed at increasing the knowledge of the pharmacists in terms of the use and the administration of the fertility drugs, seeing as on many occasions the patients themselves have questions about how they must use the medicine.

One of the points covered has been how the Instituto Bernabeu uses the i-Port device to cut down on the number of ovarian stimulation injections needed. Doctor Bernabeu highlighted the multidisciplinary approach of the treatment to get the best results when it comes to fertility and the individualization of the treatment as being the key to success. The hard work and effort that is put into studying the ovarian reserve and developing personalised treatment by using the most appropriate medicine (pharmacogenetics) according to the genetic characteristics of the patient through the IBgen IVF study is also important.

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Master’s on Community Pharmacy Direction and Management