Progress in improving chances of pregnancy in oocyte recipient patients with repeat miscarriages or implantation failures

  • 20-05-2015
The most important international scientific meeting in the field of reproductive medicine is the Congress of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), which this year will take place in Lisbon. There are always many advances and this time the Scientific Committee has accepted the submission of 9 works done by our group, Instituto Bernabeu.

Today we explain the results of the development of comprehensive chromosomal screening techniques (CCS), which informs us about the chromosomes of embryos. This new technology allows us to select chromosomally normal embryos that are transferred to the maternal uterus, allowing us to improve take-home baby rates and reduce miscarriages rates. Especially in patients suffering implantation failure or repeated miscarriages, in which over 50% are due to genetic causes.

In this research, we have studied the chromosomal alterations in embryos of oocyte recipient patients suffering repeated miscarriages or implantation failure. We have observed a higher percentage of chromosomal abnormalities in the embryos of the patients suffering repeated miscarriage or implantation failure. In addition, it is observed how the pregnancy rate in patients who suffer repeated miscarriages and implantation failures, using the full chromosomal screening, is doubled versus patients in which this technique is not used.

This research reveals that patients with repeated miscarriage or implantation failure have a higher percentage of chromosomal abnormalities in embryos, and therefore, the use of CCS would allow us to select and transfer embryos without these disorders, improving the success rates of assisted reproduction cycles and helping patients who so far have had failed pregnancies, get a healthy child.

"Comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS) improves IVF outcome in recipients suffering recurrent implantation failure (RIF) and pregnancy loss (RPL)". B.Lledo, R.Morales, JA.Ortiz, J.Guerrero, J.Ten, J.Llacer, R.Bernabeu. ESHRE Annual Meeting 2015. Lisbon, Portugal. June 2015.

Avance para mejorar la posibilidad de embarazo en pacientes receptoras de ovocitos con abortos de repetición o fallos de implantación. Instituto Bernabeu