Participation in the Spanish Fertility Society’s ‘State of the Art in Ovarian Stimulation’ Event

  • 30-10-2015

Dr Joaquín Llácer will participate as a speaker in the event organised by the Spanish Fertility Society in order to update participants’ knowledge in the field of assisted reproduction treatments. 

The event will bring together experts from throughout Spain and will cover the latest developments in assisted reproduction. Dr Llácer has been invited to speak on the different options available in luteal phase supplementation. 

Efforts to attempt to improve endometrial receptivity following embryo transfer is the approach which will evolve the most in coming years and Instituto Bernabeu is currently carrying out research in order to progress in terms of the efficiency and convenience of these treatments. 

The event will be held on Friday 30th October in the Melia Alicante Hotel and will bring together over 100 specialists in assisted reproduction from all over Spain. 

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Participación del Dr. Llácer en Campus SEF. Instituto Bernabeu