Joint organisation by Instituto Bernabeu and the Association of Pharmacists of Albacete of a course on pharmacotherapy in reproductive medicine

  • 17-10-2017

Together with the Association of Pharmacists of Albacete, Instituto Bernabeu is organising the Pharmacotherapy in Reproductive Medicine course due to be held in the association's conference hall in Albacete. The four-day course will be held on 17th October, 24th October, 7th November and 14th November. The lectures to be given by staff from Instituto Bernabeu will cover innovation and progress in the use of medication with the aim of improving the overall healthcare received by patients undergoing assisted reproduction treatment. The course is free and designed for pharmacists.

Instituto Bernabeu has close links to Albacete where it has a clinic and where it also collaborates in the Male Infertility Master's Course that it organises in collaboration with the University of Castilla-La Mancha. 

Pharmacotherapy in reproductive medicine