Instituto Bernabeu takes its reserch on ovarian response genetic markers to the VII Edition of the Corion Meeting in Badajoz

  • 10-02-2017

Instituto Bernabeu in Alicante was present at the VII edition of the Corion meeting of assisted reproduction experts held in Zafra, Badajoz.

This event, organised by IERA, the Assisted Reproduction Institute of Extremadura and the Foundation for Assisted Reproduction Training and Research, is held every two years.

The Medical Co-Director at Instituto Bernabeu, Dr Joaquín Llácer, participated in the event which was held on 20th and 21st January, giving a presentation entitled 'Genetic markers in ovarian response' as part of research work being undertaken by the Poor Ovarian Response Unit. Instituto Bernabeu specialises in studying issues in patients who, despite stimulation, do not generate more than five eggs for use in IVF treatment.

VII edition of the Corion meeting