Inclusion of a new technique in order to improve male infertility diagnosis

  • 21-09-2015

Our commitment to providing our patients with the latest technology has led to the incorporation of a new technique called MLPA in our genetic diagnosis systems. This system replaces PCR analysis and the new technology is an important improvement in terms of Y chromosome region analysis. That is, diagnosis of a higher number of cases which were not detected with the previous technique (PCR).

Genetic analysis with MLPA is a huge advantage for patients who have a low sperm count (oligospermia and azoospermia) because it enables the cause of the illness to be determined. Depending on the region affected, this means different clinical implications for the patient and the patient’s children since such problems will be passed on to future male children

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Instituto Bernabeu. Nueva técnica para mejorar el diagnóstico de la infertilidad masculina