A further year of scientific collaboration and success at ESHRE 2019 for Instituto Bernabeu

  • 19-07-2019

For a further year, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) has summoned a broad group of specialists from Instituto Bernabeu to take part in their scientific round table discussions and debate groups concerning infertility at the largest reproductive medicine and embryology scientific conference held in 2019. Our clinic experts, who contributed their own scientific papers, have thus collaborated in the development of reproductive medicine for a further year.

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New IB Newsletter: Instituto Bernabeu's genetic laboratory achieves the highest accreditation for the PGT-A test

  • 11-07-2019

The new Instituto Bernabeu Group newsletter is now available. Thanks to a flawless technical test and a highly regarded report, our embryo PGT-A (pre implantation genetic test) screening was awarded the top score.


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Instituto Bernabeu and the University of Alicante manage the 8th edition of the Master's Course in Reproductive Medicine

  • 10-07-2019

Instituto Bernabeu and the University of Alicante (UA) will manage the 8th edition of the Master's Course in Reproductive Medicine for the 2019-2020 academic year. The aim is to provide experts from the world of health sciences with excellent and comprehensive training in the field of reproductive medicine.

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Closing ceremony for the 7th Reproductive Medicine Master's Degree by UA held at Instituto Bernabeu

  • 09-07-2019

Students from the 7th Reproductive Medicine Master's Degree by University of Alicante (UA) and Instituto Bernabeu have concluded their 2018/2019 course with a closing ceremony held at the clinic's premises.

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Instituto Bernabeu to gather worldwide reproductive medicine experts at the III International Meeting the Experts conference to be held in September

  • 02-07-2019

Next September 2019 will see a number of renowned, worldwide experts in the different reproductive medicine areas meet at Instituto Bernabeu's III International Meeting the Experts conference. This triennial event is aimed at sharing new fertility related developments and knowledge with the purpose of attaining a renewed approach concerning the most important challenges facing reproductive medicine.

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Instituto Bernabeu has participated in several expert congresses during the month of June

  • 20-06-2019

Instituto Bernabeu undertakes vital healthcare work which is supplemented by its participation in congresses and both national and international events. One of this month's most relevant event took place in Cordoba. The 7th SEF National Meeting of Groups of Interest was held on 7th and 8th June. Every two years, the Spanish Fertility Society brings together experts in assisted reproductive medicine in order to share updated ideas and make new contributions across various fields.

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The PGT-A test performed by the Instituto Bernabeu genetics laboratory is awarded the highest possible mark by a European evaluator

  • 18-06-2019

The genetics laboratory at Instituto Bernabeu has been awarded the highest possible mark in an assessment of its PGT-A genetics test by an external and independent European organism. The assessment was performed anonymously on 56 European laboratories. The PGT-A test assesses if the embryo is chromosomally normal or aneuploidy. It is recommended for women who are older when having children; women who have a background of recurrent pregnancy loss; and women who have suffered from implantation failure. This test is also recommended for couples who have chromosomal abnormalities.

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Nine items of Instituto Bernabeu research work present at ESHRE, the leading European congress on fertility

  • 11-06-2019

Leading experts worldwide in the field of infertility will gather in Vienna in June. The event is unmissable for Instituto Bernabeu since the clinic will play an active role and will make research work developed by the clinic public. 

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New IB Newsletter: See you at ESHRE!!

  • 06-06-2019

The new Instituto Bernabeu Group newsletter is now available. Our group will be actively present at the 35th edition of ESHRE in June. The scientific committee has accepted 9 clinical studies borne of the team of human resources at Instituto Bernabeu based on our research work that focuses on poor ovarian reserve and embryo implantation failure.

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