At the Ferring Fertility Symposium, Instituto Bernabeu backs the appropriateness of transferring a single embryo

  • 17-02-2017

Instituto Bernabeu is participating in the VIII edition of the Ferring Fertility Symposium being held on 17th and 18th February in Valencia.

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Freezing in order to improve embryo implantation results

  • 16-02-2017

Instituto Bernabeu gave a presentation at the British Fertility Society congress held at the beginning of January on its Freeze All research by Dr Jorge Ten, head of the Human Reproduction Biology Operational Unit.

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Instituto Bernabeu invites you to the concert in honour of women to be held on 8th march

  • 15-02-2017

Women are Instituto Bernabeu's raison d'être. On 8th March each year, the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation invites the residents of Alicante to celebrate and get involved in this day through its Concert in Honour of Women. 

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Instituto Bernabeu speaks about preserving fertility and the power to decide at the gathering of experts in assisted reproduction held in Sitges

  • 14-02-2017

Towards the end of January, Instituto Bernabeu participated in the Life III Summit, A Gathering of Experts on Life, held in Sitges, Catalonia. 

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Instituto Bernabeu takes its reserch on ovarian response genetic markers to the VII Edition of the Corion Meeting in Badajoz

  • 10-02-2017

Instituto Bernabeu in Alicante was present at the VII edition of the Corion meeting of assisted reproduction experts held in Zafra, Badajoz.

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Two specialists of Instituto Bernabeu are taking part in the master in human reproduction of Universidad Complutense

  • 09-02-2017

The Medical Co-Director of Instituto Bernabeu, Dr Joaquín Llácer, recently gave a speech as part of the Human Reproduction Master's course organised by the Complutense University in Madrid and SEF, the Spanish Fertility Society. 

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Instituto Bernabeu gives a presentation to the British Fertility Society on research work supporting the efficiency of ovarian stimulation using an r-FSH biosimilar and urinary FSH

  • 07-02-2017

At the annual meeting of the British Fertility Society (BFS) held at the beginning of January, Instituto Bernabeu presented a comparative study on the efficiency of two components used in ovarian stimulation.

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The inscription period for the Rafael Bernabeu Foundation student scholarships has opened

  • 27-01-2017

With the aim of supporting and boosting the university studies of students with limited financial resources and a good academic record, the Instituto Bernabeu Rafael Bernabeu Foundation has launched the 2017 edition of its university student scholarships. 

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Instituto Bernabeu opens its sixth clinic in Madrid city centre

  • 26-01-2017

The Instituto Bernabeu Group is growing and a new clinic has opened in the centre of Madrid. This is the sixth clinic belonging to this leading entity in reproductive medicine with headquarters in Alicante.

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Progress in embryo freezing optimisation. An Instituto Bernabeu clinical study for the Belgian Fertility Society

  • 19-01-2017

The Instituto Bernabeu group presented 5 pieces of research work at the Belgian Fertility Society Congress held in Mons in November.

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