Dr Llácer addresses the profile of patients with poor ovarian response at the Next Now Theramex international gathering in Valencia

  • 20-09-2019

Dr Joaquín Llácer, Medical Co-Director of Instituto Bernabeu, participated in Next Now Theramex Fertility held in Valencia on 20th and 21st September. International experts in the field attended the professional event. Dr Llácer, who is a gynaecologist, addressed the impact of genetic polymorphisms on ovarian response. Poor ovarian reserve is one of the most common issues in the field of reproductive medicine and Dr Llácer is a renowned specialist in this area. He manages the department dedicated to this issue at Instituto Bernabeu.

In his presentation, Dr Llácer addressed new and pioneering Instituto Bernabeu studies on pharmacogenetics which have been managed by molecular biologist Belén Lledó, Scientific Director of Instituto Bernabeu Biotech. The presentation indicated that pharmacogenetics opens up the option of being able to treat patients based on their genetic profile.

Dr Llácer explains that Instituto Bernabeu has developed a genetics test and it has already received the first results following clinical assays. He points out that “the results are very satisfactory indeed since we have seen an increase in the number of suitable oocytes obtained in patients with poor ovarian response.”

Dr Llácer recognises that this is one of the main reasons why patients come to the clinic for consultations and, as such, the clinic is particularly sensitive towards this issue and pursues ongoing research into poor ovarian reserve.

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