Forum Woman & Society

Forum Woman & Society

Since 2005 Instituto Bernabeu has organised the International Forum Woman & Society, which brings together specialists and experts in different fields which affect women. Its goal is to create a space in which different voices and view points can be heard. Differing opinions creates dialogue so that solutions and answers can be found for social, emotional and health issues affecting women in today’s society.

The Forum which is sponsored by Alicante Council and organised in conjunction with The Charitable Foundation Rafael Bernabeu, the Chair of Reproductive Medicine at Miguel Hernández University, Alicante, the CAM savings bank and Instituto Bernabeu.

The Forum in every one of its editions creates an open and free space; a forum for debate for differing opinions regarding problems affecting women today: Immigration, integration, violence, dignity, training, culture, human rights and respect. These topics of debate enable us to bring together in Alicante international experts in these fields.

The dialogue remains open through our event Web page: which is a tool allowing us to understand and organise suggestions and future areas of discussion for the next fora.

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