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Early embryonic symmetry or asymmetry as an indicator of the subsequent blastocyst quality. Research presented at the ASEBIR conference

In this prospective study that we are currently presenting at the seventh edition of ASEBIR in Seville, we evaluate whether embryonic symmetry in early stages of development could influence the embryo quality in later stages (blastocyst). For this purpose we use specific...

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First study analyzing embryo quality associated with the appearance of birth defects

The 7th ASEBIR Conference (Spanish Association of Reproductive Biology) begins today, in which the Instituto Bernabeu group will present a total of 11 research projects.   One of them is a retrospective study in which Instituto Bernabeu includes its data from the last...

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ASEBIR Conference: Research work presented by Instituto Bernabeu Biotech

The 7th ASEBIR Conference (Spanish Association of Reproductive Biology) will take place on 20, 21 and 22 November and our team will present a total of 11 research projects from the Reproductive Biology department and independently as IB BIOTECH.    Instituto...

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Introductory Course in Assisted Reproduction for Nurses

Our Reproductive Medicine Chair and the University of Alicante has organized this introduction to the field of Reproductive Medicine, aimed at professional nurses and students.   The course will be on November 29th and 30th in the Salón de Grados Alfredo Orts at...

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Predicting poor ovarian response using a multifactorial genetic model. IB research for the American Fertility Conference (ASRM 2013)

Women are born with a limited number of oocytes that are gradually used up with each menstruation until their complete depletion in  menopause .   A woman is considered to have a low ovarian reserve when she has a significantly reduced number of her oocytes due to...

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International Conference on Biotechnology and Patent Law

On 18 November, a specialized conference on international biotechnology patent law will take place in the Instituto Bernabeu Alicante auditorium which will bring together renowned speakers of the sector.   This meeting, which was jointly organized with the University...

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Evidence for a new embryo classification system : Conclusions after studying 3000 embryos, from own egg and from donor cycles. Research presented at the recent ASRM conference.

The embryo classification criteria established by the Committee of Experts of Istanbul in 2011  is used unanimously in all assisted reproduction centers . These criteria are based on morphological assessments of the embryos and the development during the days of embryo...

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Sperm DNA damage and oxidative stress. Research conducted at Instituto Bernabeu and presented at the American Fertility Conference (ASRM)

At the ASRM meeting of American reproductive medicine specialists that took place this month in Boston, our group presented a R&D project that evaluated the possible effect of oxidative stress on sperm DNA. Oxidative stress is caused by oxidizing substances, such as...

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Dr. Bernabeu presented yesterday in the American Fertility Conference (ASRM) one of 6 research projects conducted by our team and accepted by the scientific committee.

Dr. Rafael Bernabeu presented this oral presentation yesterday in Boston that summarizes our research on ovarian vascularization as a predictor of the number and quality of oocytes. Due to the current advances in Reproductive Medicine, the need to treat patients with...

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Patients with low ovarian response do not show differences in their pregnancies or their newborns. IB study that will be presented at ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine).

Is the obstetric outcome of poor ovarian responders different from normal responders? An age-matched controlled study. J. Llácer, P. Baviera, I. Calventus, J. Guerrero, J. Ten, R. Bernabeu   Dr. Llacer is making this oral presentation today at the ASRM...

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