Paternity test

We perform this test by extracting peripheral blood samples, buccal epithelial cells and amniotic fluid. Samples are treated following a protocol of extraction and custody established by the legislation relating to confidentiality. We are legally accredited to act as expert surveyors in the Spanish courts of law.

After booking an appointment and filling out all the necessary documents, the usual procedure begins with a blood sample taken from the adult and a saliva sample taken from the children with a cotton swab. This is a completely non-invasive procedure for the child.

The results are available in between ten to fifteen days and are given to the person who requested the test by the Biology Department. We respect absolute confidentiality. The accuracy is 100% if the result is negative and 99.99% if the result is positive.

The procedure to conduct a paternity test through DNA analysis is very simple, but it changes depending on if it is an informative test for private use or if it requires a report with legal validity. Only biological samples of the son or daughter and the alleged father are needed. The biological sample of the mother is not essential.

Paternity tests for private use: This paternity test has no legal validity and the names of the people involved do not appear in the report. The taking of samples can be carried out at the subject’s house and where the results will also be sent. Instituto Bernabeu can send you a samples kit to your home which include clear instructions or you can pick one up from any of our clinics. Handle the samples carefully. Use protective gloves to touch the cotton swab. Once you have taken the samples and you have packed them properly as per the instructions given, you should send them to us with the corresponding forms.

Paternity tests with legal validity: These are conducted when a specialist’s report is needed that includes the names of the people involved and which can be used in a Court of Law. The admissibility of this paternity test in Court depends on the correct process of taking and identifying the sample. Therefore, the taking of samples can only be carried out by health or law professionals, who will identify and guard the samples in order to guarantee their authenticity and integrity at all times. Documents which you must bring for the taking of samples: a personal ID card or valid passport with a recent photo (essential for children under the age of 18), legal documentation confirming the guardianship of the child. Please note that the mother’s authorisation is not required for the paternity test to have legal validity in Spain.

Prenatal paternity tests: If you wish to conduct a prenatal paternity test (during pregnancy), please contact us by sending an email to the following address: or by phoning us on: +34 965154000.

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